Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Fashion TV - The Root of all Evil?

I don't understand the Fashion TV channel. Can someone please explain it to me?
When I first discovered it as a channel on pay TV back in Australia I thought WTF? Do we really need 24 hour a day reporting on the world of high fashion? And the next WTF moment was when I noticed how terrible the production is. I mean this stuff looks like some high school kids made it with a mobile phone to post on YouTube. Seriously, how is it even possible to film so many "beautiful people" and make every single one of them so bad? Even the poor starving kids in the World Vision adverts look healthier than these specimens. The lighting is so bad the poor models look like zombie deer in the headlights of an oncoming truck. In fact the whole thing looks a bit like Left For Dead, just without the fatties and the blood.

What ever happened to real photos of real people? Here are some photos of real Mongolian fashion as a reality check for the producers.

Anyway, it seems this poor excuse for a channel that proports to providing news, entertainment, education, umm I actually don't know what it provides (apart from self-esteem issues).. Anyway, this channel is following me around the world!
I noticed in Saigon that when I walked into a number of bars, the Fashion channel was playing on a TV in the corner. Initially I just put it down to an unfortunate channel-selection accident, but it soon became evident that people were watching this by choice.

Thankfully the Chinese government had enough sense to prevent this dangerous tool of capitalism from infecting any of the TVs I saw in China, but here I am sitting in a restaurant in Mongolia with that stupid diamond-F station logo on a TV on the wall. The strange thing is, I look out the window and watch regular Mongolian women walking along the street sporting far better fashion than the women on Fashion TV, and most of the women in Australia too for that matter. And what's more, women in real life are allowed to smile.

Update: I'm currently sitting in a restaurant in Irutsk (Eastern Siberia) and Fashion TV is on not one but two big screens on the wall. I swear it's trying to take over the world, Zoolander style.

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